The Jamestown Town Council met for the Regular Council meeting on June 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Jamestown Municipal Building, 421 East Main Street, Jamestown.  Council members attending were:   Shane Childress, Chassity Hawkins and John Fultz.  Others attending were:  Katie Conyer, Aaron Clapp,  Nancy Rice, Dave and Brenda Phelps, Jenny McCarter-Fultz, Lance Newton, Prudence Gossa, Bob Clutter, Molly Whitehead, Jeff Wolfe, Bill and Cookie Leeke, Mary Zigler, Clint Jackson, Ross Earles, John Dorwart, Richard Hanlin, Pam and Jason Leibowitz, Gavin Leibowitz, Morgan Gross, Rylan Works, Jennifer McGee, Drake Musselman, Mike and Carole Hoskins, Justin Wright and Tina Lear.

The meeting was opened at 7:04 PM. 

The Public Hearing to hear any remonstrance and objections regarding the “ERA” and confirm the “ERA” was called to order.  Mr. Bob Clutter and Molly Whitehead were present to also, explain Resolution 2017-10 confirmation designation of the Economic Revitalization Area and approve Tax Abatement Benefits.  There were no questions from the public.  The public hearing was closed.

Resolution 2017-10 was read.  Member Fultz made a motion to approve and Member Hawkins seconded.  All voted aye. 

Member Fultz made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2017 Regular Meeting.  Member Hawkins seconded and all voted aye.

Member Hawkins made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 8, 2017 Special Meeting and Member Fultz seconded.  All voted aye.

Member Fultz Made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 23, 2017 Special Meeting and Member Hawkins seconded.  All voted aye.

Member Fultz made a motion to approve the memoranda for the May 9th and May 15, 2017 Executive Sessions.

The Town Council approved the June 2017 docket.

Quotes for new turn out gear for the Fire Department were presented.   Member Childress made a motion to approve the Donley Safety quote in the amount of $63,493.50 for 30 sets and move forward with purchasing the equipment.  Member Fultz seconded.  Members Childress and Fultz voted yay and Member Hawkins voted nay.  The motion was carried.  John will move forward to help Chief Mitchell to get these ordered.  Katie Conyer has been in contact with North Salem State Bank to secure a loan for this gear.  The loan was approved.  The outstanding loan balance on the current fire station loan will be refinanced with the above amount totaling $79,331.00 with 5 payments of $17,667.00.  This loan will be paid primarily with the contracted payments from the Jackson Township Trustee.  If additional money is received from the Trustee it will also be applied in order to pay the loan off early.  We will work with the fire department to make sure money is budgeted in such a way that we can replace 15 sets of gear every five years so that we will not have the issue of all the gear expiring at the same time and a loan will not have to be secured to purchase the equipment.

Member Childress discussed that interviews for the Town Marshal position were complete.  He made a motion to appoint Aaron J. Clapp and Member Fultz seconded.  All voted aye.  Aaron Clapp is the new Town Marshal.  The process will begin to hire a new Deputy Marshal.

Ordinance 2014-4 amending the 2017 Salary Ordinance was read.  Due to a change in how MVH funds can be spent and amendment was necessary.  Member Fultz made a motion to suspend the rules and approve the ordinance on its first reading and Member Hawkins seconded.  All voted aye.  Member Fultz made a motion to approve and Member Hawkins seconded.  All voted aye.

Resolution 2017-11 declaring bad debt was read.  Member Fultz made a motion to approve and Member Hawkins seconded.  All voted aye.

Member Childress discussed issues regarding drainage in conjunction with building permits.  It was decided that we will utilize HWC Engineering for approval for drainage until we have established the stormwater utility and have an ordinance in place.  Member Hawkins is working on that with HWC.

The Community Crossing road funding grant through INDOT was discussed.  Katie Conyer presented a list compiled by Bobby Taylor and herself prioritizing projects for the grants.  They will begin the getting quotes.  The total amount for the projects should not be more than $200,000.00.  Katie stated that $50,000.00 is set aside for paving and culverts this year.  The grant is a 75/25 match.  Once quotes are obtained the decision will be made as to which projects on the list will be done.

One letter of interest for the vacant position on the Plan Commission was received.  Member Childress appointed Jay Randle to the Plan Commission.

Brandon Pennington will be repairing the concrete at the fire station in July.  An additional yard of concrete will be ordered at this time to do the pad for the log cabin at the Nature Park.  The form needs to be built by the middle of July.

Dave Phelps reported for the Jamestown Community Partnership.  They met on June 5, 2017.   He reminded everyone that the Fish Fry is June 16-17th.

Nancy Rice reported for the Park Board.  They met on May 30, 2017.  The log cabin will be placed halfway between the rain garden and the shelter in the Nature Park.  The discussed the Cider Festival.  Jim Brown cleaned the benches last week.  The new sign has been installed but the lights around it are still not working.  Flowers have been planted and new mulch spread around the sign.  She also asked about the locking and unlocking of the restrooms at the Nature Park.    After some discussion, it was decided that Katie would get a quote for programmable locks for the doors.  In the meantime, Brenda Phelps will take over locking and unlocking the doors daily. 

Jim Brown was not present to report for the Redevelopment Commission.  They did have a meeting scheduled on May 23, 2017, however, only two members showed up so the meeting was postponed.  The meeting was rescheduled as a joint meeting with the Boone RDC in Lebanon on June 16th.

Amy Nooning had nothing further to report.

There were three building permits were issued in May.

Marshal Clapp reported for the Police Department.  For the month of May there were 244 total police services; 62 Traffic stops with 25 tickets issued and 37 warnings; 7 Assist Fire/EMS; 9 Assist other Law Enforcement; 2 accident reports; 5 reports filed; 1 arrests made; 2 active alarm; 0 domestic fight; 2 civil disturbance; 3 juvenile problems; 11 suspicious activity calls; 0 civil papers served; 1 funeral escort; 3 animal complaints; 6 local ordinance warnings; and 130 other police services.  A grant for vests was approved from the Boone County Foundation.  It will match 50%.  Marshal Clapp will get quotes and move forward.  He also stated that the council might consider a nuisance alarm ordinance.

There was no report for the Jamestown Fire Department. 

Bobby Taylor was not present, however, Member Childress reported that we are working through some issues with the sewer plant.  Water meter changes continue.  Member Hawkins also mentioned that Bobby now had high water signs and would be ordering some additional signage for around the retention pond at the fire station to become in compliance with IDEM.

Katie Conyer reported that quotes for health insurance are in for the August 1st renewal.  This Anthem is cheaper and the benefits are better.  Katie will be changing coverage from United Healthcare to Anthem.

Lance Newton with JUMC announced dates for two movie nights at the park and asked that on July 14th the alleys be blocked so that races for the kids can be held.  This was approved.  Cookie Leeke also announced that there will be Lunch with a book in the Nature Park on July 11, 18 and 25th.  Katie will put these dates in the park calendar.

The next Regular Council Meeting is July 11, 2017

Member Fultz made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 pm.  Member Hawkins seconded and all voted aye.