The Jamestown Town Council met for the Regular Council meeting on September 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Jamestown Municipal Building, 421 East Main Street, Jamestown.  Council members attending were:   Chassity Hawkins and John Fultz.  Others attending were:  Katie Conyer, Aaron Clapp, Ross Earles, Henry Maye, Nancy Rice, Dave and Brenda Phelps, Cookie Leeke, Mary Zigler, Jim Brown, Sean Mitchell, Amy Nooning, Tina Pennington and Tina Lear.

The meeting was opened at 7:03 PM. 

The public hearing for the Ordinance 2017-7 was opened.  Mr. Lance Newton asked for specifics regarding guidelines for trash pickup once we start using Smith Trash Hauling.  The only major change was that if the trash receptacle used is bigger than 30 gallons, all trash must be bagged.  They do not have the trucks that pick the bigger trash barrels up to dump them.  Also, trash pickup will be on Friday’s instead of Tuesday’s beginning October 6, 2017.  As there were no more questions from the public, Member Hawkins made a motion to close the public hearing and Member Fultz seconded.  Both voted aye. 

Member Fultz open the public hearing for the 2017 pay 2018 Budget.  Katie Conyer explained the proposed budget.  The proposed budget is available at  Budget approval will take place at the October 3rd regular council meeting.  Member Hawkins made a motion to close the public hearing and Member Fultz seconded.  Both voted aye.

Member Hawkins made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 1, 2017 Regular Meeting.  Member Fultz seconded and both voted aye.

Member Fultz made a motion to approve the August 31, 2017 Special Meeting.  Member Hawkins seconded and both voted aye.

The Town Council approved the September 2017 docket.

Ordinance 2017-7 regarding an amending the schedule of rates and non-recurring charges for residential trash collection service was read.  This was the second reading.  Member Hawkins made a motion to approve and Member Fultz seconded.  Both voted aye.

The council received a letter of interest for appointment to the Plan Commission from Glenda Hieston.  As she is a town employee, she is eligible to fill the vacancy on the Plan Commission.  Member Hawkins made a motion to appoint Ms. Hieston to the Commission and Member Fultz seconded.  Both voted aye.

Resolution 2017-13 was read regarding a loan from the Electric Reserve to the Sewer Cash Operating to pay for the Sewer PER.  Member Hawkins made a motion to approve and Member Fultz seconded.  Both voted aye.

Town Attorney, Amy Nooning, introduced and sewer use ordinance for the council to consider.  At this time, she would like the council, Bobby Taylor, Scott Creager and Katie Conyer to review the document to see what changes may need to be made.

The agreement between GRW, Inc and the Town of Jamestown was reconsidered.  Katie Conyer determined that the hourly fees for technical and non-technical permit processing and inspections will increase with the new agreement.  The Town, however, will not increase permit fees.  Member Hawkins made a motion to approve the agreement and Member Fultz seconded.  All voted aye.

Dave Phelps had nothing to report for the Jamestown Community Partnership as they did not meet yet due to the holiday. 

Jim Brown reported for the Park Board.  They met on August 29, 2017.   The automatic locks on the restrooms at the nature park are working properly.  The board will hold a special meeting on the September 7th at 8:30 PM to decide on vendor to make the Cider Festival T-shirts.  Also, we should be receiving an agreement from Radio MOM for advertising.

Jim Brown reported for the Redevelopment Commission.  He had nothing new to report.

Amy Nooning mentioned the we have made some headway regarding the establishment of the Stormwater Utility.  Once the council decides the manner, in which, it is to be established then we can move forward.  It can either be a separate utility or a part of the sewer utility.  Either way, Katie can set up a separate fund for accounting purposes.  Katie stated that, as long as she can put the storm water money in a separate fund, it doesn’t matter to her which way the council decides. 

The monthly report for Debra Luzier was read.  There was one new building permit issued and ten inspections performed for the month of August.

Marshal Clapp reported for the Police Department.  For the month of August there were 326 total police services; 91 Traffic stops with 36 tickets issued and 73 warnings; 5 Assist Fire/EMS; 9 Assist other Law Enforcement; 1 accident reports; 11 reports filed; 11 arrests made; 4 active alarm; 3 domestic fight; 1 civil disturbance; 19 suspicious activity calls; 0 civil papers served; 0 funeral escort; 0 animal complaints; 1 local ordinance warnings; 1 ticket issued on local ordinances and 172 other police services.  Marshal Clapp made a proposal for a new police vehicle.  The 2010 Crown Vic is becoming too costly to keep in service.  Repairs spent this year, so far, are probably more than the car is worth.  Typically, police service vehicles are kept in service for 5 years.  The Crown Victoria has been in service for nearly 8 years as we took delivery in late 2009.  He discussed proposals from two Dodge dealers for a Ram Pickup Truck.  Member Fultz made a motion for Marshal Clapp to move forward pending approval from Member Childress.  Member Hawkins seconded and both voted aye.  Marshal Clapp will discuss with Member Childress. 

Fire Chief Sean Mitchell reported for JVFD.  There were 10 EMS, 2 Alarms, 2 Fire and 3 Assists for a total 17 runs for the month of August.  They completed 47 hours of training, 19 hours of meetings and 70 hours for runs.  Chief Mitchell asked the council if he could utilize the Town’s grant administrator for grants.  He received notice that the Firehouse Subs grant submitted was not approved.  The air packs currently in use will all expire in 2020.  The cost to replace these is between $75,000 and $100,000.  He hopes an experienced grant writer will be able to find and secure grant funding for this expense, as well as, others.  A new grass rig is going to be needed in the near future, as well.  The 19 sets of new gear were delivered this week.  Once an invoice is received, Katie Conyer will secure the loan as previously approved. 

Bobby Taylor was not present at the council meeting.  Katie Conyer did report that the power line extension on North Lebanon Street was complete.  The guys have also been working on tree trimming and replacing water meters.

Katie Conyer reported that the income survey is complete and certified.  Once the planning grants are closed out, hopefully by the end of October, the town can pursue the stormwater construction grant through OCRA.  She is still waiting to hear from INDOT on the Community Crossings Grant.  The Electric fund investment has been secured bringing the total invested town monies to $498,607.50.

Cookie Leeke mentioned that Katie Conyer has formed and email group for meeting notifications.  If anyone would like to receive those notifications let Katie know.

The next Regular Council Meeting is October 3, 2017

Member Hawkins made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:32 pm.  Member Fultz seconded and both voted aye.